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The pursuit of pleasure is a common thread that ties us to our earliest ancestors and to the last generation of our descendants.


Worldwide, The Business of Pleasure, with its component parts of Entertainment, Culture and Leisure, employs millions professionals and brings in trillions of pounds in revenue every year.  


And whilst there are huge differences between, say, a gig or a hit song and your team scoring a goal (in the Cup Final!) or maybe between a Henry Moore, a movie or musical, and a cable-car-ride through The Dolomites (at dawn) there are common threads uniting the experiences as, and when, we experience them.


Everyone involved in The Business of Pleasure is, to a lesser or greater extent, involved in experiments on a daily basis.


We create products (experiences) and anticipate responses (satisfaction). 


The purpose of these pieces, and their accompanying podcasts, is to try and get a slightly better overview of the subject by considering some of the common threads; the shared components, architectures and challenges


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